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For many disgruntled customers of AT&T, this means they will be free to choose their own carrier once their agreement is up. Naturally Photoshopping could have come into play, unlocked iphone 6 or even faked the Cydia icon by renaming a Web app and substituting the appropriate icon. If a person has bought an iPhone in America in the post-June period, he is most likely to be aligned with AT&T, iPhone's official carrier since. What happens is that when an owner unlocks a phone, the company voids your warranty as a type of punishment.

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There will be no indication that it is unlocked so have a foreign or a different SIM card handy to check that it is indeed unlocked. I figured there had to be other people just like me here in Vietnam that might also need to unlock Facebook in Vietnam, so I am writing this to tell you that you are not alone.